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the 2015 calendar

Welcome to the new 2015 Flintknapping Calendar! Click the arrows above to walk through, month by month. Or, if you'd prefer to surprise yourself with the real deal you can jump to the order form here. Enjoy!

january 2015

Shown here are Clay points, common to the Southeast, Florida and Alabama.

february 2015

Coming to us from Montana is Porcelanite in deep umbers, purples and golds. These finely crafted pieces were made by Woody Blackwell and Gordon Blankenship.

march 2015

Named the Sloth Slayer, this recently discovered point type was found several feet below the Clovis layer at the Gault site. These unique points feature heavily ground stemmed bases with the bottom 1/3 of the blade strongly serrated. Their discovery sets back the clock on the peopling of the America' more piece of the yet to be finished puzzle.

april 2015

How can one not marvel at this incredible Brazilian Agate Allen point by Woody Blackwell. Not much one can say about this, other than wow.

may 2015

3500 years ago the Egyptians made these expertly crafted knives, the Gerzians. Blades were knapped and then ground smooth, and then a final series of precise pressure flakes were laid down on a single face. These were the original FOG (flake over grind) masters. Shown here are 2 examples by knappers Dale Cannon and Bob Keiper set in the antler handles carved by Jack Brown. I say two, because the smaller knife is actually the same knife, but thanks to technology we can show both sides in the same shot.

june 2015

When when Carolyn first showed me these Gunther and Expanding Barbed points I instantly saw flowers. These gems, expertly crafted by Elijah Woods, are almost cookie cutter perfect. I'd sure be happy to have them in my garden!

july 2015

July brings us one of the unusual point styles, the corner tang. From what I understand, no specimens have ever been uncovered hafted, but archaeologists are pretty sure these butchering and harvesting tools utilized a lanyard hafting technique. Shown here are blades made by Dwain Rogers, Jason Newman and Jarrod Jimenz.

august 2015

Petrified Palm from TX presents a wonderful variety of colors, from blacks to greys to golds and oranges. But more interesting to me than the color palate is the texture. Depending on whether the material is knapped with or against the grain will bring long striations or small dots. Very cool stuff indeed. And like many materials, best knapped when cooked.

september 2015

Perhaps my favorite point type, the Lost Lake. Something innately beautiful about it's gently sweeping notches.

october 2015

Glistening like a morning frost is Talahatta Quartz. This challenging material hails from the SE (namely AL, MS, TN).

november 2015

Shown here is a wonderful display of the pentagonal point, the Afton, made by Phillip Floyd.

december 2015

I couldn't think of a better way to watch the end of the year, than to look at these incredible Ross blades by Woody Blackwell. In fact, I'm going out on a limb here and say that the material, banded flint from Poland, may even outshine his knapping skills on this one. Not that they are lacking here in any regard, it's just that this material is so unique...well, it just needs to get a bit of glory by itself.

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woody blackwell dvd

If you're interested in learning the art of the ancients, this is the dvd that will started down that road. If you're already knapping, this is the one that will take you to the next level. Woody Blackwell, perhaps the finest flintknapper of our time, and perhaps history, teaches the knapping process from rock selection through fracture mechanics and finishes off with a virtuoso performance making an outstanding Dovetail. This video is professionally shot and edited and includes many close ups and detail of the nuances of this craft. A must have for every knapper's library.

$29.95 + $6 shipping.

Produce and directed by Derek McLean.