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the 2016 calendar

Welcome to the new 2016 Flintknapping Calendar! Click the arrows above to walk through the year, month by month. Or, if you'd prefer to surprise yourself with the real deal you can jump to the order by clicking the link below. But in either case, we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy!

january 2016

What a fun way to start the new year, a bright, glistening photo of glass...specialty glass to be exact. Years ago James began exploring this fun medium, fusing beads, dichroic films and a myriad of other glasses. To say he's mastered this material is an understatement. The knife with confetti glass is a blending of talents by James and another well-known artist, Dale Cannon.

february 2016

A knapper who definitely deserves notice is our friend Curtis Smith. His skills are aptly shown in this pair of Doves, made from Madegascar Polychrome and Maury Mountain Jasper.

march 2016

When one mentions “spear point” the image of the Etley is probably what comes to mind. The long, slender shape, flaring shoulders, and strong square stem, all firmly draw that conclusion. And what better way to honor this iconic point type than to place it among an ancient backdrop of pottery. Shown is the work of uber skilled craftsmen Jim Redfearn and Marty Rueter.

april 2016

The Agate Basin is one of North America's oldest point types. This lancelet shape, with it's rhythmic collateral scar pattern is brilliantly captured by Woody Blackwell, Dan Theus, Joe Miller and Curtis Smith.

may 2016

For those who aren't aware, May is one of my favorite months, for a myriad of personal reasons. Thus, I usually honor that month with my favorite image of the year. This year it showcases the knapping mastery of Matt Strehle and Jim Winn in the form a flutter of butterflies. This whimsical image embodies the delicacy of this art form and the metamorphosis of seasons.

june 2016

Many are familiar with this image, The Imperial Dove, but we felt that those who hadn't seen it needed to, and those who had probably wouldn't mind seeing it again. Crafted from a rare piece of Mexico's Imperial Jasper both point and composition, done by Woody Blackwell, present an impression of lilly pads floating over a bed of complimentary-colored gravel. I believe most people would agree, this point is perhaps one of the greatest pieces ever knapped.

july 2016

The Cumberland point is reported to be the oldest point type in North America, pre Clovis. It's distinguished by a characteristic tip to tail flute and delicate fish shaped silhouette. Featured here are points made by Jeff Gatewood, Jesse Wright and Curtis Smith, of Fort Payne, Carter Cave and Horse Creek cherts.

august 2016

Capturing the rich, warm hues of an orange summer sunset the month of August presents this wonderful display of Indian Paint Jasper points made by Randy Beach, Curtis Smith and Woody Blackwell.

september 2016

The month of September presents a wonderful example of Buffalo River chert from Tennessee, all masterfully crafted by one of the communities favorite knappers, Dan Theus.

october 2016

There's many aspects of knapping that I really appreciate. The different materials, the challenges associated with producing the wide variety of styles...but probably more than even those is artistic avenue people travel in this art form. Presented here is just such, a unique arrangement of equally unique “puzzle points” by Brian Larochelle. Materials include Burlington chert, Flint RIdge and Flint River Flint.

november 2016

Being from Missouri I've always been a fan of local materials. One that duly deserves credit is Sedallia Chert from the Lincoln area. This small but well-appreciated outcropping delivers wonderful quality as well as stunning color, as showcased in this selection from Butch Seidel, James Howell and Jim Redfearn.

december 2016

And last but not least, a photo captured at an extreme low angle to enhance its wicked Pinetree scar pattern is this point made by Jim Redfearn from Georgetown flint. Hopefully the lens flare on the camera will help warm up those looking out their window this chilly month.

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woody blackwell dvd

If you're interested in learning the art of the ancients, this is the dvd that will started down that road. If you're already knapping, this is the one that will take you to the next level. Woody Blackwell, perhaps the finest flintknapper of our time, and perhaps history, teaches the knapping process from rock selection through fracture mechanics and finishes off with a virtuoso performance making an outstanding Dovetail. This video is professionally shot and edited and includes many close ups and detail of the nuances of this craft. A must have for every knapper's library.

$29.95 + $6 shipping.

Produce and directed by Derek McLean.