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the 2014 calendar

Welcome to the new 2014 Flintknapping Calendar! Click the arrows above to walk through, month by month. Or, if you'd prefer to surprise yourself with the real deal you can jump to the order form here. Enjoy!

january 2014

Probably one of the most iconic North American point styles is the Snyders point. And perhaps one of the most well known knappers connected with that point style is DC Waldorf, the artist responsible for this wonderful display of Flint Ridge points. A great way to start 2014.

february 2014

One can't help but marvel at the detailed craftsmanship found in this collection of eccentrics. We can't verify the artist but believe it to be the work of renowned 1930s knapper Mac Tussinger. Nevertheless, whoever the artist, ancient or modern, his work deserves to be gracing these pages, that's for certain!

march 2014

Bullseye Jasper, Monkey Paw, Goldfield Jasper, all aliases for this amazing material hailing from Nevada. What a beautiful material, and how expertly executed by Cliff Carney and Gregg Bertram. Truly a work of art on many levels!

april 2014

My goal with the calendar series for the last few years has been to create images that were themed, unlike the first few years where each page showcased a specific knapper. And I have to admit, the theme for this page is perhaps one of my favorites, capturing Fancy Jasper from India. And a big tip of the billet to the amazing work of Dale Miller and Steve Allely.

may 2014

How can one not smile when they see this fluid display of Cahokia points by Matt Strehle, winding around a cluster of Agee points by Bob Thomas. Many thanks to collectors Carolyn Johnson and Yvette Harper for allowing us to showcase these pieces.

june 2014

When I first saw this image, captured by Woody Blackwell, I knew it was destined to be in the calendar. It features Fire opal, a truly outstanding material, as well as the top shelf work of Woody Blackwell.

july 2014

July brings us a display of Oregon's wonderful Biggs and Oywhee Jaspers, set in a field of nice summer greenery. Featured is the work of Drew Ellison and Jim Hopper.

august 2014

Most acquainted with knapping have heard of Ishi, the last "wild indian". In fact, many knappers toolkits include an Ishi Stick, a pressure flaking device, one of the many bits of stone age cultural Ishi shared with us. This still life displays 4 original Ishi points (courtesy of the Jeb Taylor collection) set next to a wonderful display of modern Wintu style points made by Grady Bowen and Steve Allely. This expanded notch point was the style Ishi created for tourists visiting him at the University of California at Berkeley, where he resided for his last few years.

september 2014

I recall the first time I saw a piece of Moss Agate, with it's beautiful translucency and delicate moss dendrites. I fell in love with it, and sought to include it in the calendar ever since. Well, its day has come, and thanks to Cliff Carney it shows pretty well.

october 2014

We love showcasing knapping in all it's forms. Here's a replica of an actual artifact recovered from Cahokia Mounds near St. Louis. As with the original, the Sharks Club features 5 actual Great White sharks teeth along with eight knapped flint shark teeth set in a carved walnut handle. This reproduction is the handy work of Larry Kinsella. To say it's unique is an understatement.

november 2014

For years I've wanted to show actual hafted arrows. Who better to create these than the well respected artist Steve Allely. Steve's accurate replications grace the walls of many museums, and now they can grace yours.

december 2014

December, the end of a year, the anticipation of a new year and the quiet of winter. It also showcases an amazing display of Pinetree points made of Muldraugh chert by Justin Eldridge.

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woody blackwell dvd

If you're interested in learning the art of the ancients, this is the dvd that will started down that road. If you're already knapping, this is the one that will take you to the next level. Woody Blackwell, perhaps the finest flintknapper of our time, and perhaps history, teaches the knapping process from rock selection through fracture mechanics and finishes off with a virtuoso performance making an outstanding Dovetail. This video is professionally shot and edited and includes many close ups and detail of the nuances of this craft. A must have for every knapper's library.

$29.95 + $6 shipping.

Produce and directed by Derek McLean.